Friday, November 30, 2007

Well, CRAP!
With two of the three sets of occupancy detectors in Minneapolis staging yard now working, I went to start installation of the last set, at the far end of the yard, last night. I cut the oblong holes between the tracks for the transmitter / detector set (very easy with a Roto-zip), then went to string the 12-conductor cable between the control panel and the point I'll mount the terminal strips near the detector set. Turns out the cable is about five feet too short! End of progress last night.
This morning I ordered another 100' spool of the cable, as well as a hundred-foot spool of 8-conductor cable for Seattle staging detectors.
So for the next several days I'll mount the terminal strips for the last set of Minneapolis detectors, add pigtails to the detectors, then mount them and tie them into the terminal strips. By the time that's done I'll have the new cable, most likey, and I can install that. I hope to have Minneapolis yard totally finished by the end of next weekend.


Joe Daddy said...


Have you thought about using Cat 3 or Cat 5 for wiring your detectors. The round cable is typically easier to handle and less likely to be damaged. I use it with RJ45 connectors too so I can easily unplug stuff on either end.

Nice blog by the way. I still love your Helix!

Joe Daddy

Mark B. said...

Hello, Joe-daddy!
You may be the first person ever to see this blog (except me)!

I am using round cable, but I don't know if it's Cat 3 or 5 or neither. It's not foil-wrapped, so it's probably not 5 anyway.

Thanks for the nice words!