Thursday, June 13, 2013

Work IS Progressing...

...there just aren't many photos of it.
I've been building turnouts, organizing the storage / work room, and preparing additional benchwork components for assembly / installation.
I've constructed two #8 Fasttracks code 83 turnouts for the entry into Laurel yard from the NP mainline. I have one more to build, then I'll need to construct several code 70 #6 turnouts. Laurel yard is getting more complicated as I go - I'll post an update to that part of the track plan soon.
I've been painting benchwork components for the ten days or so, in preparation for assembly and installation during this weekend's group work session (the first since April). That will provide space for the opposite end of Laurel yard, and take the NP track to the opposite end of the room from where the roundhouse is planned.
As mentioned, I'm having a work session this weekend (Saturday, 15 June), so I expect I'll have some photos to post early next week.

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