Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Status Update...

Layout planning is continuing. A workable general arrangement of benchwork and major layout features has been developed, and only (only!) detailed planning is left to be done.

This version of the layout will be simpler than the New Jersey version that was under construction, for a couple of reasons:
  • First, I want something I have a chance of completing to a major extent (all trackage, basic scenery, and detailed scenery in some places) within a decade or so. I want to have most of the main tracks operational and be able to start ops sessions within a couple of years.
  • Second, while I have about the same square footage available as before, the configuration is different, and I have also to make allowances for access to areas around the layout that are not train related (storage closets, spare bedrooms, media room, etc.).
  • Finally, and maybe most importantly, I don't just want to undertake a project of such megalithic proportions again - at least right now.
Yeah, I know purely text posts aren't as interesting as photos. As soon as I have the track planning a bit farther along, I'll post some of the in-work diagrams.

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