Friday, July 13, 2012

Standing Still - Almost

Well, time seems to be standing still in terms of layout rebuilding. We purchased a home in Allendale SC a few months ago, and have been working to get it into shape. A "guest house" just off the main residence will be the new train room. We knew there was a leak in the roof on one side, but planned to have that fixed. Initially we used the guest house to store things (on the dry side of the place!) as we were setting up the house and getting the roof repaired. That all seemed to go as planned, and roof repairs were completed a couple weeks ago. We spent the last ten days or so clearing out the train room and at least started getting it ready for layout construction (a new layout plan is well under way) when a few days of heavy thundershowers cropped up. The roof leaks even worse than before!!! So now I'm on hold until we get this figured out and good repairs made. Stand by for more in the next couple of months!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your writing and the tour of your construction at this and the older site.

Chris Peterson said...

Glad to see you've found a house. I hope the repairs come along quickly so you can get back to more enjoyable activities. I'm looking forward to seeing the new layout progress.