Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here are some of the photos I promised of progress on Glenrock scenery:

This is the stack of 1 1/2" foam that will go between Glenrock trackage and the backdrop before I started shaping it:

Here's the stack after I hust started smoothing the corners of the blocks:

And during the trimming process:

This past weekend was a very productive one for the layout. A friend (Walt) came over and helped me install the first section of benchwork for the upper deck! (this is a major milestone!)

Here's Walt drilling an anchor point for the threaded rod that will support the front of the second deck:

And here's the installed deck. Below it you can see the first sections of foam scenery set in place at Glenrock. The section between track and backdrop, shown above being built and carved, has rough carving completed. I still have to complete the shaping of that section to make the curves of the rolling hills more natural and accurate for the area:

And just to finish off the day's work, we started extending the backdrop past the opposite end of Glenrock and towards Thermopolis:


Anonymous said...

Even pink scenery is nicer than none! I like the way you build scenery in sections at your workbench. Could you tell us more about what glue yoy use and which tools you use for the pink work?
Looking forward to your next step here!
Olav, Norway

Mark B. said...

Hi Olav,

I use Liquid Nails for Projects to glue the layers of foam together.

For shaping I use a one-hand surform tool (as opposed to the block plane style two handed tool) and a lot of elbow grease! You can see the tool (the yellow thing) sitting on top of the foam in the third photo down. It basically rips away small chunks of foam at a time, slowly eating its way into the foam over many passes. I use a small shop vac and clean up every ten to fifteen minutes to keep the piles of foam shavings down. I've had to empty the vaccuum several times.