Friday, January 11, 2008

I picked up my four sheets of polystyrene last night. I should be well set with backdrop material for some time to come!

I also received QSI upgrade chips for my BLI heavy Mikes. Those came out over a year ago, I think, but I only just now got around to buying them. Hopefully I'll be able to get them installed soon.

We've got a full weekend of working on the house planned, but maybe I can steal an hour or two and get to the basement to work on the trains.


Pelican Annie said...

Hello, my name is Anne Paddock Norskog and I grew up within sight of Camp Vocation in Wyoming. The CB&Q "coffee grinder" chugged past our ranch twice daily on its way back and forth between Powell and Cody.

If you care to look, I have painted several paintings of Heart Mountain and they can be seen on Type NORSKOG in their browser box.

Several family members have been railroaders: Charles Cliame, Sr. Worland was a section foreman on the CB&Q; Steve Wilson was a track supervisor out of Scottsbluff; Willie Storm was an engineer out of Billings; Danny Voyles was an engineer out of Gillette; Dave Paddock out of Kansas.

We used to ride our horses up to the "Jap Camp" all the time. It was not until I became an adult did I truly understand the significance of this black eye on America. There is now a foundation in Powell gathering information about Vocation. My best to you, sir.
Pelican Annie

Mark B. said...

Hello, Pelican Annie!

I'll check out your paintings, to be sure.

Do you have any information on the foundation in Powell? If so, please post it or e-mail it to me.


Pelican Annie said...

Hi Mark,
This Heart Mountain Foundation is being administered by Northwest Community College.